Our Story

From the unique flavours, special gifts, vibrant artisan work, and memorable moments, local businesses are at the heart of any flourishing community.

But many of them are often hard to find.

Why? Because typical online spaces continue to be dominated by large corporate players, pushing small local businesses to the wayside.

Until Now

Passionate about supporting small local providers and frustrated by the unnecessary difficulty of finding them online, we decided to level the playing field and created our buy-local platform. We launched as vLife, December 10th, 2019 in our home-town of Halifax.

Fast-forward 5 years later and we’re now called Small & Local – a perfect name that speaks to our passion for connecting buy-local shoppers with more small indie businesses online. We feature over 70 diverse Nova Scotian small businesses in a variety of categories. You can check them all out . Enjoy!

Buy-Local Platform Benefits

It’s clear how we help buy-local shoppers on our platform. You come to us here and know that you’ll only connect with small local businesses – and no big corporates. Plus we write lots of fun & informative buy-local blogs to help you explore your local even more! 

But how do our services help the hardworking small business owners in your community? By providing an accessible and oh-so-easy way to connect with more passionate buy-local shoppers, like you, online.

We’ve designed our marketing services to lighten our small business client’s loads – not add to it. Each has their own custom built, search engine optimized, Landing Page – crafted specifically to help buy-local shoppers find them online.

Buy-Local … Everywhere

We’re proud to be the world’s first (and still only) platform exclusively featuring small indie business to the growing number of buy-local shoppers looking to connect with them online.

We love our Nova Scotia Buy-Local community and are ready to bring Small & Local to the rest of the world.

Interested in getting us to help grow your local home?

Great! Contact us here and let’s work together to do just that!