Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you struggle with disorganization, time management, a lack of focus or overall productivity? ADDvocacy is your answer.

Our Coaches have helped thousands of people get on track to take their studies, career, and confidence to the next level. And we can help you too.

We refuse to let neurodiversity stop you from reaching your full potential. Help is available and there is a way to achieve success. Reach out so we can help you find yours. Our team of professional Coaches will work with you to develop your own, personal strategy that will enable you to achieve and thrive.

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For Students

School is where you build your foundation.

ADDvocacy Coaching sets you apart — by helping you shape your foundation in your own way. Our Coaches help students in Grade 10-12 and University or College build the skills, confidence, and groundwork for the rest of your life.

For Professionals

Go after your greatness.

Our personal successes are shaped by our habits and self-improvement strategies. Do you know how to make the most of your skillset? Do you have a clear understanding of where you want to go?

No matter where you are in your career (unemployed, underemployed, or running your own business), you probably have a goal in mind of where you should be, and where you want to be. Our Coaches will help you get there.

For Parents

Create the environment at home for your child to succeed.We help put your child on the path to succeed at school, at home, and in life — and that picture is incomplete without you.

We focus on involving parents in our approach to create a collaborative environment. As parents, you’ll get access to tools to use at home so that we can all learn about each other.

By improving your child’s skills, we also improve the relationship you have with them, which is a major part of how we define the success of our coaching programs.