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International author, Bridget Williams, is a passionate advocate of financial literacy for personal empowerment.

She’s poured her personal and professional experiences into a series of practical self-help workbooks for teens, students, and adults covering topics including: adjusting your life style, banking, frugal spending, investing, meals on a budget, and more!

Her books are available in many languages and sold to people around the world just like you – determined to regain control of their lives through financial literacy and frugal living.

Connect with the Bridget’s self-help resources to plan for a better, more secure future for you and those you love.

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Self-Help Book Series

Author Bridget Williams has written a series of internationally sold inspirational self-help books covering everything from budgeting to improve personal and business finances, to surviving life-threatening illness, to dealing with other life trauma and major transitions.

She draws on her vast personal and professional financial experience and is moved to share how she and others have overcome physical and psychological hardship and found success and happiness.

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Transitioning After Stage Four Cancer

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Editorial excerpt from “Bridget’s strength lies in her capacity to challenge herself and transform adversity into a powerful sense of self-worth. Nothing gets her down, even when she is down; she finds the capacity to pick herself up. Bridget fought for her life. She is a survivor of Stage 4 Cancer since 2012 and she is enormously grateful. After her diagnosis, she decided to fight back, by transforming her lifestyle and entire self. She challenged herself and with determination, diligence and patience begun to rebuild her life piece by piece. Her personality, strength of character, dedication and timeliness captured others. Not to mention her strong faith and belief in God.”

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Adjusting your Lifestyle Financial Literacy Book Videos

Bridget Williams offers the wealth of knowledge and inspirational self-help tips in a series of videos to complement her book series.

Check them out for quick tips on everything from personal and business finance and life altering mindset and behaviour shifts!

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Budget Before College and University Financial Literacy

You know all the money you spend on things. If you put budgeting into practice now, just imagine how much money you will have before you finish high school or go to any educational institution of higher learning.

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Financial Literacy Consciousness for Teens & Students

Starting early is the key to help the youth of today become successful and financially secure adults of tomorrow. This Book helps frame the importance of financial literacy with tips and ideas that teens can use now and into the future as they transition to independence and adulthood.

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