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Our Axe To Grind spice blends are pantry must-haves. With a background in slinging meat (running butcher shops), culinary arts and great food, we have developed a variety of unique and tasty blends.

We began as a fundraising effort for our Canadian National Axe Throwing Team to travel to the 2019 World Double Bit Axe Throwing Championships in Sweden. Why? Because Cynthia Kennedy, the heart and soul of Axe To Grind, was the Canada Team Captain at the worlds that year.

Guess what? Our spice blends were so popular that we decided to share more broadly so everyone can enjoy. Perfect as local gifts and must have staple flavours for your pantry to wow your family and friends – again and again.

And we’re still helping out double bit axe throwing athletes in Canada! We are a proud supporter of the Nova Lumberjacks Society, a non-profit that is growing and promoting Lumberjack sports and its athletes!

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Spice Blends, Rubs & Popcorn Toppings

Including Keto Blends!

Spice blends for all the meat or veggie dishes you can think of, steaks, ribs, chicken, hamburger, roasted root veggies – you name it! But not only that, we’ve got delicious smokey, sweet and savoury rubs for low and slow cooking! Plus blends for dressings and dips. And let’s not forget our delicious bagel and popcorn toppings.

What’s more, we’ve also got sweet spice blends – for great desserts, coffee flavours and snacks. Apple Pie or Pumpkin Spice anyone?

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Seasoned Drink Rimmers Spice Blends

Perfect Local Gift!

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a Caesar, Bloody Mary, Margarita, or Daiquiri, Cooler, Slush, Milkshake or Smoothie, we have a fun and tasty rim blend for your glass. Sweet or savoury – we’ve got you covered!

And, we sell the barware to get the PERFECT glass rim.

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Individual Spices & Dried Herbs

Got some spice blend ideas of your own?

We’ve got you covered with a variety of individual packets of dried herbs and spices. So while you’re picking up our signature delicious blends, top up on these too for you own unique recipe creations.

Come up with something awesome? Let us know, we’d love to hear it!

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Gift Ideas and Merchandise

We’ve not only got very cool Axe To Grind coffee cups, aprons, t-shirts, & product gift packs. We’ve also got all the spice blending, grating and crushing tools for anyone interested in levelling up their spice game in the kitchen.

Great local gifts for all the foodies in your life – especially the ones that are kind enough to cook for you!

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