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Dow Immigration Consulting provides personalized services to clients wanting to live and work in Canada. We guide you through every aspect of your application right through to approval – the realization of your Canadian Immigration Dreams.

We provide personalized services to our clients from different parts of the world wanting to make their dreams of immigrating to Canada a reality. We guide you through every step – from application to approval.

We also work with international students and graduates who are looking to secure either a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) or take advantage of a variety of other federal or provincial permanent residency routes.

What’s more, we provide immigration services for local businesses within Canada that recruit foreign workers – ensuring that their foreign talent hires receive the required permits to legally work in Canada and join their team.

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Live in Canada Immigration Consulting

We help you access the immigration programs that will work best for your unique career or study ambitions, family circumstances and skillset. Working with you every step of the way – from application through to acceptance.

There are several federal programs available for foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada and we can help you find the route that’s best for you. We also help you access provincial/territorial programs for the specific areas you’d like to live and work (or study), in Canada.

Connect to discuss your Canadian Immigration dreams with us today.

Work in Canada 

Canada offers excellent settlement options for foreign nationals within a stable environment to those who wish to become a part of its nation. We provide simplified solutions to immigrant applicants wanting to live and work in Canada.

We also serve as personnel resource managers of Canadian employers intending to legally hire foreign nationals.

Book a consultation session with our experienced consultants to determine options available for you to start laying the groundwork for realizing your dreams of living and working in Canada.

Study in Canada 

International students from countries all over the world continue to choose Canada as a place to study because of the many advantages which studying in Canada holds.

We can help you connect with student visas to allow you to live in Canada to study at post secondary institutions in all parts of the Country. Connect with us so we can help pave the way for you to study in one of our universally respected Canadian Universities or Colleges.

Invest in Canada

Canada is leading the way in many innovative industries from coast to coast to coast, so investment opportunities are rich.

As such, the federal government has a variety of programs to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals from outside Canada with available venture capital, significant business acumen, and entrepreneurial skills via specific Business Class immigration programs. Connect with us to find out more.

Visit Canada

Canada is one of the world’s favourite travel destinations – and for good reason. It delivers nature, adventure, diversity of rich cultures, and breath-taking scenery. Canada has many modern, multicultural cities, each with its own unique and delightful secrets to discover.

We can help connect you with the visitor visas required to fully experience and immerse yourself in discovering the beautifully diverse, welcoming country that is Canada. Connect with us to find out more.