Whether you’re just starting out or have been doing fitness your whole life, we’re here to motivate and support you.

Tried gyms & classes before with little success? We’re highly experienced with helping people who aren’t comfortable working out & fitness in public gain the confidence to do so. And we can help you too!

We offer personal training in home (locally in Hubbards) or via Zoom internationally. And local outdoor small group classes during the warmer months – accessible by Zoom as well.

We also specialize in fascia work treatments (in-home & at Hubbards Chiropractic) using Hands on Trigger Point Release and Fascial Stretch Therapy. Providing relief for those needing effective alternatives to manage long term pain and regain mobility resulting from an injury, change of lifestyle, or scar tissue.

We collaborate with our trusted network of practitioners so that we can refer to experts, who offer services you may need that are outside of our scope of practice – to support your health outcomes.

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Based in Hubbards, NS

Servicing In-Person Locally & Globally via Zoom

Hands on Trigger Point & Fascial Stretch Therapies available in home locally or at Hubbards Chiropractic


Personal Training

In home personal Training (locally) or via Zoom. Programs are designed with you in mind, no matter your fitness level, and adjusted on the spot to provide a safe and efficient workout.

We offer personal training to those who want to workout one on one and friends who want personal training together.

Your own personal program is always changing to keep you interested and progressing. Your trainer will be with you every step of the way providing motivation & support.

Small Group Fitness Classes

Starting Summer 2021

Our small group classes will be offered to the public as well as by request for groups of families/friends who are more comfortable workout out with people they know so they can workout with the support of their loved ones free from strangers. We will be offering a variety of themes such as yoga, TRX, bootcamps and more.

Interested? Email to connect with Roxy today so you’ll be the first in line when Summer Classes open!

Hands on Trigger Point Release

Offering in home treatments locally or at Hubbards Chiropractic.

Our bodies reproduce fascia nightly to repair the access fascia that breaks up as we move around during the day.

If there’s been an injury or change in lifestyle, our brain tells our bodies to produce more fascia to protect the area. If movement is restricted and over production of fascia continues it creates triggers that block flow and cause pain.

We locate the triggers and apply pressure to release the block. It tends to be painful in the moment but the results are well worth it. In fact, our clients often notice a change from the very first session. We’ve helped clients who have been in pain for decades lower, and even eliminate, pain.

And we’d like to help you too. Click the Email to Connect button to chat with Roxy and find out more.

Fascial Stretching Therapy (FST)

Offering in home treatments locally or at Hubbards Chiropractic.

FST is done on a massage table, using gentle traction and movements. Paying attention to your natural range of motion, we work through movement patterns that are designed to benefit your tissue, gain mobility and lower pain.

FST is a pain free way to get full potential from your fascia. Timing our breath with yours and being aware of where the limits are in your motion makes it a safe and effective way to stretch healthily.

Fitness Program Design

Know how to workout, but don’t know how to program? Let us do that for you!

Each program begins with a free assessment and goal setting. We then create a customized program tailored to your goals, that you can do on your own. We send reminders when it’s time to increase and are available for support and questions, when needed.