We’re who you call when you don’t know what to do about your aging parent or loved one. We help save you time, worry, money and the frustration of trying to arrange their care on your own.

Our founder, Marie-Claire, has extensive expertise in helping clients navigate the private and public health care systems. And she’s worked across the health care spectrum – in hospitals and the community, with palliative, geriatric and dementia clients.

And our Senior Care Consultant Brenda MacIsaac (RN BScN) has over 25 years experience in the continuing care space working with families and elder clients to help provide the best care possible. Collectively we bring a wealth of experience to help you navigate responsive care for your aging loved ones.

Help starts with one simple Free Discovery Call, where we’ll determine how we can best meet your needs. Click Here to book your free discovery meeting.

And visit our website to find out more about how we can help lighten the load as you navigate caring for your aging loved ones.

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Helping Seniors across Nova Scotia & servicing families coordinating their care remotely from the rest of Canada & abroad.


Home, Phone or Video Consultation

We discuss the particulars of your aging loved one’s situation (as well as your situation and needs) and review available resources and services to develop a practical plan that is best for you and your family. And we put you in touch with the service providers you’ll need.

We’ve helped our clients provide support to seniors and their carers in a variety of difficult life transitions, including:

  • A chronic illness suddenly becomes a crisis
  • Mom or Dad are changing and maybe they have dementia
  • Seniors who know they are struggling and want to plan to move to assisted living
  • An elderly family member falls and breaks a hip
  • A primary caregiver can no longer manage
  • Immediate family members living elsewhere

And we can help you too.

Senior Care Consulting Retainer Service

Caring for aging loved ones is an evolving landscape. That’s why we provide two sustained service options to support you on your journey.

With our retainer plan you get continued access to our expertise and support at a fixed cost. And with our Case Management Plan you can get access to ongoing care at a flat hourly rate.

Two ways we help lighten the load as you navigate care for your aging loved ones.

Click the Contact Us button to book your Free Discovery Call to find out more.

Capacity Assessments

Our founder, Marie-Claire, is a trained and certified capacity assessor and can complete your Form 1 Capacity Assessment Report if you need to become the legal representative of your aging loved one.

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