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At Guidry’s Maple Syrup Outfitters, we’re making the world sweeter one maple tree at a time. Providing you with all the gear you need to tap your own backyard maple trees and try your hand at making your own delicious maple syrup.

Not sure where to start or how to tap? No worries! In addition to providing you with all the gear you need, we’ve got lots of videos and resources on our Facebook page, and our Free Maple Tapping and Processing Guide to help you out.

Whether you’re looking to make your own maple syrup, or to gift this delicious ability to friends and family, we’ve got you covered with our Backyard Maple Syrup Starter Kit. Makes a perfect local birthday, housewarming, or festive gift for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life!

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Based Locally in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Premium Hobbyist Kit

Everything an enthusiast needs to tap their own Maple trees and help keep their pantries stocked with their very own homemade maple syrup.

  • Maple Syrup Starter Guide
  • 19/64 Drill bit
  • 15 health spiles with
  • 15 lengths of drop line, each 4 feet long
  • 15 repurposed, 11L food-grade buckets, hand-washed and sanitized by DASC Industries (a not-for-profit business and social enterprise which supports adults with intellectual disabilities, dual diagnosis, and/or fragile health and complex needs.
  • Syrup Filter – Premium Polyester (5 micron),
  • 12 – Prefilters (for premium polyester Filter)
  • Case of 12, 375ml glass maple syrup bottles
  • 12 premium, flip-top, spout caps with heat seal

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Beginner Starter Kit 

We’ve got everything a beginner needs to start tapping your maple trees (when the sap is running) so you can try crafting your very own backyard maple syrup!

Includes drill bit and spiles to tap, tubing and buckets to collect, filter medium to purify, and bottles & caps to store your delicious homemade syrup!

Complete with our Free Tapping and Processing Guide to help you each step of the way.

Get for yourself for great family fun and gift to friends who you know would love the DIY syrup-making experience too!

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Maple Sap Spiles – 3/16 inch

The key piece of kit where syrup making begins is the spile that taps into your maple tree, drawing out that sweet sap.

Our spiles come with tubing to run and collect maple sap in buckets till you have enough to boil off and make your very own maple syrup.

Plus we’ve got the drill bits you’ll need too! You can click here to get them.

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Maple Syrup Glass Bottles with Caps

Safely store your home-made syrup in our purpose fit glass bottles with security seal caps!

Comes in sets of 12 in both 250ml or 375ml sizes.

And, if you’re looking for premium flip-top spout caps with heat seal, you can purchase those separately by clicking here.

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Maple Syrup Filters & Pre-filters

We’ve got all the filters you’ll need to get the clearest and purest homemade syrup. For best results, you’ll need to replace them regularly, so it’s always good to have a few in reserve.

You can get our pre-filters by clicking here. You can place them inside your thicker filter so they can remove most of the the nitre – A.K.A sugar sand.

Once the syrup passes through the pre-filter, it then drains through the second filter layer to remove the rest of the nitre and any other impurities. You can click here to buy our flannelette filters.

And you can click the Shop Now button to access our premium polyester (5 micron) filters.

Sugarhouse Colouring Book

A delightful story colouring book exploring both the origins of maple syrup and how it gets from tree to table.

A fun and educational gift, Welcome to the Sugarhouse is a great way for the whole family to learn all about the history, and the making, of this traditional sweet treat.

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