Halifax fashion and textile designer Marie Webb expresses a unique vision of love, joyfulness, and spirit through an eclectic use of vibrant colour and bold forms. Her limitless creative stamina and celebratory outlook on life sets her apart—making her an unstoppable, radical source of inspiration.

Marie’s vibrant art comes alive with Necklings wearables. Designed for colour and joy, they add life to any neutral wardrobe. Ethically designed, sourced, and sustainably made in Nova Scotia, Necklings only use certified sources to print our soft weaves, silks and stretchy knits. And our accessories include designs in cottons, linens and silks.

Marie’s upbeat patterns, prints, and designs come from her heart with a personal story and meaning in each piece. While respecting the artist’s marks, her work is carefully formatted for textile printing.

Marie’s Lemonade Stand Designs collections include wearable art, dresses and wraps, burlesque and drag wear designs. Her work is stunning and has been featured in a variety of fashion shows. Click here to check them out!

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Necklings Scarves

Necklings line of beautiful silk and cotton scarves is ethically designed, sourced, and sustainably made in Nova Scotia.

These beautiful scarves will brighten both your look and your day!

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Necklings Fashion Accessories

Perfect Local Gifts from Nova Scotia Textile Designer Artist, Marie Webb. Beautiful  ethically sourced natural fibre neck tubes, scarves, bags, face masks, and hair accessories.

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Fashion Events

Textile Designer, Marie loves sharing her passion for wearable art, and her creations, in as many ways as she can!

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Marie has a variety of collections that have been showcased and celebrated at many Fashion events including:

  1. Edge:
  2. Atlantic Fashion Week:
  3. The Annual Wearable Performance Art Show:

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Marie the Artist

“It’s hard to determine when a career starts, but Marie Webb made her first charcoal drawing at the age of five months. And so now at the age of 26, she could reasonably argue for a career in excess of twenty years. Admittedly, public school got in the way for a while, but the last five years have been non-stop production…”

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