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Traditional Mi’kmaq skincare made with restorative birch bark extract.

Traditionally collected over campfires, birch bark extract has been used by the Mi’kmaq for millennia to treat a whole host of skin conditions, including dry skin and psoriasis.

Maskwiomin brings these healthful benefits to you with our 100% natural skincare line in a variety of earthy campfire infused scents. We’ve even got birch bark extract soap to cleanse and nourish your skin.

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Birch Bark Extract Creams

Our rich, moisturizing, non-greasy, pH balanced, 100% natural creams come in two different strengths.

Our high-concentration ointment cream comes in small containers as you only need a little bit for maximum benefit. It’s ideal to treat problem skin areas and has the strongest campfire smell.

Our regular-strength ultra premium cream has hints of campfire birch bark aroma and is perfect to use daily for its hydrating and protective benefits. It comes in original, sweet grass, lemongrass, lavender and sweet birch scents.

You can click here to get our high-concentration ointment cream, and click the Shop Now button to connect with our regular strength cream.

Birch Bark Extract Soap

Our birch bark extract soap bars are perfect for gentle, natural cleansing, without drying your skin.

Like our creams, our soaps are made with 100% natural ingredients that leave your skin clean and hydrated after you wash.

A great soap for hand, body, and face. Wherever it cleans, its pH balanced birch bark formulation does so gently.

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Special Skincare Kit:  

A favourite with our customers, this comprehensive skincare kit comes with:

  • 1 high-concentration ointment cream
  • 1 regular-strength lemongrass scented cream
  • 1 bar of our nourishing soap.

Cleansing with our soap, followed by our regular strength moisturizing cream gives your skin the layered hydrating and nourishing benefits of birch bark extract. And our ointment cream provides extra care for problem skin areas.

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Special Tester Kit

This kit contains our bar soap, plus our nourishing cream in original, lemongrass, and lavender scents – so you can enjoy them all.

Get for yourself or as a perfect Nova Scotia local gift. One that helps share healthful benefits of traditional Mi’kmaq birch bark remedies.

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All Products Tester Kit

Our Special XXL Tester Kit comes with one small container of every Traditional Mi’kmaq birch bark extract skincare product that we make, including:

  • 1 Gentle moisturizing soap bar
  • 1 Ointment Cream – highly concentrated for acute skin issues
  • 5 Regular Strength Creams – for daily moisturizing in original (campfire), lemongrass, lavender, sweet grass, and sweet birch scents

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