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Hand-dyed yarn inspired by all things nerdy and fibre-crafty!

From hand-dyeing yarn to creating finished projects, everything we do has special meaning and comes from the heart. And what’s in our heart is a deep love of all things handcrafted and nerdy!

Our signature themed hand dyed yarns come in a wide variety of weights, fibres and blends. And we’ve also got fun Nerdy notions, bare yarns, and dyes for plant and animal based fibres too. Basically, we’ve got everything you need to make your wildest fibre creation dreams come true.

Are you a little nerdy and a little crafty – just like us? Check out our online store. You’ll feel right at home and be inspired!

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Hand-Dyed Yarn

Browsing through our yarn colorways is an adventure through (and celebration of) our childhood and that of so many others. And we refuse to let it end!

Can’t find the colour fibre combo you’re looking for? Contact us on our website and we’ll see what we can do. We love playing with colour!

Click the Shop Now button to see our hand dyed yarns in a variety of weights and fibres – ready and waiting to become your next creation.

Nerds With Needles Patterns

We’ve got gorgeous patterns on our online store for you to use with our beautifully coloured hand-dyed yarns!

Featuring our iconic: All of a Twist Shall, Mi Ombre Cowlette, Swanky Slouch, Tuque-Eh!, and more.

Click the Shop Now button to check out all of our fabulous knit patterns!

Bare Yarn for DIY Hand-dyed Yarn

Want to try to make your own hand-dyed yarn? We’ve got you covered with bare yarn in a variety of fibres, blends, and weights for all your crafting needs, including:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Nerdy Sock: merino & nylon blend
  • Super wash wools
  • Nerdy Cash: Merino, Alpaca, Cashmere, & silk blend

And more! Click the Shop Now button to select the perfect bare yarn fibres for your next projects!

Acid Dyes for DIY Hand-dyed Yarn

Want to try your hand (gloved of course) at dyeing your own protein based animal fibres? Then acid dyes are what you need. Choose from our wide variety of colours (available in 1 oz pots) and enjoy!

Full safety details for all of our dyes are downloadable on our website for your convenience.

Click the Shop Now button to select from our list of 31 gorgeous acid dye colours.

Fibre Reactive Dyes for DIY Hand-Dyed Yarn

Interested in dyeing your own plant based fibres such as cotton or bamboo? Then fibre reactive dyes are what you need! Like our acid dyes for protein based fibres, they come in 1 oz pots with safety precautions downloadable on our website.

Once you’ve chosen your bare plant based yarn of choice, click the shop now button to choose from our 27 different fibre reactive colours to get your nerdy craft on!