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Ocean Cases have proven our worth the world over – from protecting fragile equipment on scientific North Pole expeditions, to Lighting and Sound reinforcement equipment on extended road tours (and everything in between).

No matter what the application, Ocean Case will provide the best shipping case solution for shipping your valuable equipment.

We pride ourselves on providing you with excellence in product, quality service, value, and guaranteed delivery. We always go the extra mile to make sure that you’re completely satisfied.

Connect with us today to select one of our many customizable Ocean Case packing transport solutions to suit your needs.

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Tack Boxes

The perfect case to organize, secure, and transport all your Equestrian Gear.

Ocean Case Tack Cases are fabricated to meet the most stringent standards for quality and durability. Our Tack shipping case dimensions are 43″ wide X 24.5″ deep X 32.5″ high; and the weight is 102 lbs. Custom colors and options are available.


  • Double Sided Fiberglass Laminate on quality plywood
  • Machine riveted to aluminum extrusions
  • Ball Corners
  • Tongue and groove closure
  • Recessed steel latches and handles

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ATA Cases

ATA Cases by Ocean Case are custom manufactured in any size. The interiors are available with a foam lining filled with layers of foam, or die cut inserts.


  • ABS laminated to top quality plywood, machine-riveted to aluminum extrusions
  • Hinged (full length piano hinge) or removable lid
  • Ball Corners
  • Tongue and groove closure
  • Recessed steel latches and handles
  • We also offer several Handle, Latch, and Caster Options

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Pelican Shipping Cases

Pelican Cases are designed for active professionals. These shipping cases are watertight to 30 feet and virtually unbreakable (with a lifetime guarantee).

The lightweight structural foam resin shell resists dents and scratches. Inside, prescored “pick ‘n pluck” foam or padded dividers provide convenient protection.

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Nanuk Cases

Durable Nanuk shipping cases with foam in a variety of sizes and colours – to keep your belongings safe on your travels.

Lightweight & waterproof with a conditional lifetime warranty.

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Custom Build Services

We offer a variety of customizable service options to help you build the items you need to your specifications.

  • High quality 3D Printing and Protyping design services to ensure your get the exact model of that perfect item you’re looking to create
  • CNC Machining – machine composites, wood and foam materials up-to 5′ x 10′
  • Panel Processing – with our Selco panel saw, we can process composite and wood panels up to 14′ X 14′ X 4″ thick

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