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Your HRM local landscape contractor. If you’ve got land you need to reclaim or reshape. We can help.

Not only do we have the equipment for serious pre-build and landscaping prep, we’re also highly experienced with excavation, demolition, land clearing, grading and drainage. And we’re your go-to for hardscaping with experience building retaining walls, wharfs, walkways, and more.

We work with both residential and commercial clients – and every one gets the same high quality, satisfaction-guaranteed service.

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Land Clearing & Demolition Landscape Contractor

Need to reform your land and/or tear down old run-down buildings?

Clearing wooded lots, demolishing old structures, for rebuilds, or landscape redesigns. Whatever you need, we’ve got the tools and expertise to help.

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Excavation & Grading Landscape Contractor

Clearing and preparing soil for residential or commercial building and landscaping.

From wooded lots to renovations or new builds. We’ll prepare and grade the soil for optimal landscape and building design.

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Landscape Drainage

Helping you reclaim your wet or soggy land.

We’ve helped many commercial and residential clients make their wet land more useable. And because each situation is unique, we carefully assess to build the right drainage solution for you.

French drains, dry well systems, corrugated plastic tubes, and even some permeable paving solutions, can all help safely redirect water away from your property – making your land more structurally sound and usable.

If you need help in this area, click the Email button and we’ll figure out a solution together.

Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping can be a very effective way to both both beautify, and create more ways to enjoy, your property.

We’re highly experienced in building retaining walls, docks, and walkways. We’re also able to help maintain your driveway and place slab installations in preparation for lawn structures like patios or gazebos.

If you’re worried about erosion on the waterfront or just wanting to create more structured areas to enjoy on your property, click the Email button and let’s chat.

Landscaping Materials Delivery

Soil, sod, sand, gravel, mulch, paving materials, and more.

Whatever you need to make  your landscaping dreams a reality, we’ll bring it right to you.

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