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Offering professional presentation skills training and coaching that identifies, articulates, and helps leverage your career experience and subject matter expertise.

How? By empowering you with the online and in-person presentation skills to set you apart – the secrets that lead to promotions, pay increases, and powerful career shifts.

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Free Definitive Guide to AI Platforms

Free comprehensive guide for leveraging AI to elevate your leadership presence. For streamlining your planning & production to expertly present to all audiences - large or small, virtual or in-person. Click the Free Guide button to get yours!

Curriculum and Course Development

Presentations, E-learning, Workshops

Using current and emerging evidence-based methodologies for learning, shiftED works with you to create, modernize, or audit your courses – integrating digital access to leverage best practice online delivery.

We have decades of successful experience managing the design of curricula with substantive procedural, technology, and soft skills. Whether online (live & on demand), in person, blended, or hybrid learning, we can help.

And, we equip leaders to cascade the learning culture throughout their organizations for optimal adoption! Bringing years of experience in areas including: change management‚ continuous improvement‚ facilitation & presentation‚ implementation of systems & policies‚ orientation programs‚ and management & leadership development.

Coterie Membership 

Initially only offered to our shiftED Graduates, we’re excited to now offer our Coterie membership to the broader community.

So now, even more high achievers can reach their full potential with the powerful mindset shifts, strategic action plans, achievable staged goals, and tailored support that Coterie provides.

Check out some of the Testimonials from our current members:

“Multi-layered benefit package – invaluable.” – Karolyn King

“I doubled my salary.” – Dione Lockyer

“I tripled my client base.” – Cynthia Sweeney

Interested in reaching your next level of success in 2024?

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Presence: Presentation Skills Training & Coaching

Online & In-Person

Helping high performers elevate their awesomeness.

Facilitating an online workshop or team meeting? Pitching to potential clients online? Preparing for a promotion or interview? Attending a networking event? Presenting your strategic vision to a board of directors? Addressing your entire employee base in an online town hall webinar?

The reality is most subject matter experts know their stuff (and they know it well!) but are either terrified of public speaking, lack self-awareness of how they truly present to others, or are simply too busy to search the vast internet for the best presentation hacks. shiftED Academy can help you, the subject matter expert, embrace the spotlight and rock the podium (even if the podium hasn’t found you yet).

Keynotes and Conferences

Online, Hybrid, and In-Person

Our Founder and CEO, Tisha Parker Kemp, offers engaging keynotes and conference presentations for in-person, online and hybrid events.

With her broad experience ranging from annual gatherings of large groups of delegates to intimate meetings of professionals and executives, Tisha is sure to inspire and engage your virtual & in-person audiences while seamlessly integrating with (and enhancing) your event theme focus.

FREE Presentation Skills Download:
10 Tell-Tale Signs of Rookie Presenters

Looking to up your presentation game – from work meetings to the podium, in-person and online?

Check out this handy free download to help you identify rookie presenter mistakes, with tips on how to avoid making them yourself.

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