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The world produces enough food to feed EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

So why are there people still hungry and unable to access this food? Well, in Canada alone, $31 billion dollars of perfectly good food each year ends up in landfills or composters.

So we created a solution. Working with YOU, Square Roots redirects food that would otherwise go to waste, into the hands of the people in our communities that need it most.

How? Social Pricing!

Our Produce bundles base cost is $7.50. Customers can pay $10 if they can afford it or $7.50 if they can’t. The $2.50 difference from $10 purchases goes to community managers to help them continue their work through Square Roots. And it’s this social pricing that enables us to provide free produce options for those in need.

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Our current Square Roots Communities:

Upper Tantallon, Sackville, Musquodoboit, Bedford, Dartmouth, Fairview/Clayton Park, Hydrostone Halifax, Preston, South End Halifax, Windsor


Food Bundle Services

Our Food Bundle Services are the heart of how we tackle food insecurity and food waste in Nova Scotian communities.

We purchase seconds produce in bulk from local farmers – just as tasty and nutritious but not quite pretty enough for grocery stores. We sort these into 10 lbs bundles which you can order online. They typically include a selection of delicious, seasonal root vegetables and fruits.

If you’re able to pay the $10 bundle price, $2.50 is donated towards providing food bundles for the food insecure in your communities. If you can’t pay the full $10, you can simply buy your food bundle at cost for $7.50.

If you are among the food insecure in one of our Square Roots Nova Scotian communities, please CLICK HERE to apply for our Free Bundle Service!

Connect on our Facebook Page for more info and to inquire about the Square Roots location nearest to you!

 Free Food Bundles for the Food Insecure

If you are among the food insecure in one of our Square Roots Nova Scotian communities, you’re eligible for our Free Produce Bundle Service!

Sponsored by our members who can afford to pay $10 for our bundles. Because everyone deserves access to healthy fresh produce.

CLICK HERE to apply and we’ll get back to you asap!

And, connect on our Facebook Page for more info and to inquire about your nearest Square Roots location!

Our Wonderful Volunteers!

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we are sustained by our amazing volunteers who help us with bundle packaging, orders, and pick ups as well as a whole host of other essential roles that keep us up and running!

Are you as passionate about reducing food waste and contributing to providing healthy food to those in need in your community as we are?

Please visit our Facebook Page and message us with your interest.  We’d love your help!