Hand-painted and hand-printed silks from inspired Halifax textile artist and fashion designer, Yasmine Wasfy.

Creating a modern look with traditional techniques, The Silk Store is Yasmine’s online window into her, one-of-a-kind, made to order, silk scarves and fashion hair accessories.

Yasmine is endlessly creative, so keep checking back to see her latest fashion pieces!

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Based Locally in Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Ballerina Hand-Printed Silk Scrunchie

Stunning hand-printed tulle on silk organza medium size scrunchie.

Engagingly asymmetrical design inspired by the grace, flow and elegance of classical ballerinas and their ensembles.

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Pop Hand-Printed Silk Scarf & Scrunchie Set

Made of 100% Habotai silk, noted for its lightweight softness and sheen. This hand-dyed and hand-painted scarf is made to order, so no two patterns are ever the same.

Hand-dyed with Haskap Berries and Hand-painted using the Watercolor Technique, this set includes matching patterned scrunchie, and all Haskap-berries naturally dyed silk scrunchie.

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Cloud Caramel Flower Scrunchie

Our hand-printed silk organza large scrunchie is a versatile fashion art accessory.

These silky muted tones will look wonderful on a vast array of different hair colours – from lightest blonds to darkest brunettes and every hue in between.

Use to dress up a casual look or as as a statement piece for formal event. Either way, you’ll add a touch of elegance and style.

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Lotus Queen Hand-Printed Silk Scarf

100% Habotai silk scarf. Hand-dyed and hand-printed with natural pomegranate.

These neutral tones and elegant hand-painted design make for a highly versatile accessory – from a multilayered look under a jacket to an elegantly draped shoulder wrap on a cool summer evening.

Each is hand-dyed to order so no two patterns are exactly the same.

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The Canary Hand-Printed Scruchie Set

This hand-printed and hand-dyed silk organza meduim size scrunchie set gives you two scrunchie looks with the same vibrant hand-printed design.

Choose from traditional to asymmetrical bow scrunchie, to get the different looks your going for.

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