Are you a buy local shopper, small business owner, business expert (or any combination of the three) with a flair for writing AND a passion for supporting small local businesses?

Great! We welcome your support-local writing submissions for socially conscious shoppers and/or small business owners.

Interested? Awesome! We look forward to hearing from you. Check out our submission guidelines below for more specifics.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

    • All published posts will include your name with profile pic and brief bio with one do-follow link to your public online presence of choice.
    • Content: High quality original (not published elsewhere) submissions of at least 600 words about buy-local shopping, supporting local, socially conscious shopping, and small business, are all welcome.
    • All published posts become Small & Local content and, as such, are the property of Small & Local by Quantum Link (Business Name: Quantum Link Inc.).
    • Submission of posts does not guarantee publication. However, we will contact you within two weeks to let you know if your submission has been selected.
    • Please include at least one high-quality (royalty free) picture (min: 600 px * 600 px) with each post. Our editing team will include more graphics as required.
    • Please use only one main header for the Title (H1) and waterfall section headers for subtitles (i.e. H2>H3>H4).
    • Bullet lists, short paragraphs, active voice, and conversational tone make it easier and more enjoyable for people to read.
    • Remember to suggest a descriptive title for your post.
    • Please corroborate claims by hyper-linking to high quality external sources in your piece.

How To Submit

Please send an email to and attach:

    • Your post submission in .doc(x) (or Google doc) format
    • At least one royalty free photo related to your post
    • Subject line: Small & Local Guest Post
    • Please send only one article per email. If you have more than one submission – great! Just send each one in a separate email.

We look forward to reading your submission and will get back to you within 2 weeks to let you know if your post has been selected. If your post isn’t selected, and you’d like feedback as to why, we’ll happily provide 😊