3 Must See Halifax Local Comic Shops and Game Stores

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Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic locally owned comic book shops and game stores in the Halifax area— each with their own specialties. Some have lots of different video games, while others have a broad range of comics. Some even have a big section on tabletop role-playing games—*swoon*.

As I’m passionate about both comics and games, I’m excited to share three of my go-to comic book shops and game stores in HRM for you to check out in-person and online—if you haven’t already!

1. Monster Comic Lounge

I have been going to this store since I started playing D&D in university. Right from the moment I get close to the front step with their distinctive Batman sign, I know I will find something perfect there.

They have a huge selection of comic books. In fact, at least half of their store is covered with different comics to browse.

If you’re looking for a favourite, chances are they will have it in store. If not, they are more than willing to order it in for you and save it until the next time you pop by. They’re super friendly and are willing to answer any questions you have. I often go in to explore their many comics looking for something new. Once, when I asked for their advice and gave them a few interests, I came out with a new favourite comic book series! I kid you not!

Funko!Pops from Monster Comic Lounge Comic shops and game stores
Monster Comic Lounge’s Funko!Pops, as featured on their Facebook page.

Plus, they also have a big selection of Funko!Pops. Gotta love that!

Table-Top RPG—Games, Miniatures, & Advice

Monster Comic Lounge also has a big selection of D&D miniatures, board games, RPG books, and paints. So, they’re an all-around great comic book and game store for both your comic and table-top gaming-related needs.

They’re knowledgeable about most tabletop RPGs and can give you advice, if you need it, for Magic the Gathering, as well as D&D. Whether you are looking for a new game to try or are looking for a new comic book to read, they are a great place to shop!

The friendliness of the owners helps make this the perfect stop for both comic book lovers and tabletop RP gamers. And you can check out their Facebook Page before you visit to take a look at the many different things they have on offer.

2. The Deck Box

The Deck Box, on Brunswick Street, is a fantastic game store. They have a wide range of video games, as well as some tabletop RPG books and games to check out. Among the shelves, you’ll find one of the biggest selections of D&D dice that I have personally seen in one store. So, if you’re looking for a new set, this is the place to go! By far, they are my favourite shop to go to when I want a new set of shiny D&D dice.

They also have a wide range of video games from different consoles to pick up as well. Ranging from Nintendo to X-Box, to PlayStation, chances are they will have a game for the system you have at home!

Video games from The Deck Box Comic shops and game stores
Some of The Deck Box’s selection of video games, from their Facebook page.

Not only do they sell a wide range of games and game accessories, but they also host events! You can check out their events calendar on their website to find events that pique your gaming interests. Plus, they host different tabletop RPG nights, such as Warhammer, Digimon Standard, Pokemon After Dark, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Wanna Learn D&D?

If you’re looking for a way to get into D&D, this is the place to go! They even have beginner nights, where they will teach you the ins and outs of how to play, as well as introduce you to the game and how it works. They can even help you find a new D&D party to play with for the night, and maybe even make some new game-loving friends!

Not only can you easily find them on Brunswick Street with their painted window storefront, but you can also find them online. But whenever I’m in the area, I can never resist stopping in to grab a new set of dice, or check out their weekly calendar to see if I am available for any of their upcoming events!

3. Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles

Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles, on Sackville Drive, is a fantastic, friendly, and inclusive place to shop for your comic and collectible needs!

Owner Jay is very friendly and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. His website also has an online shop where you can do your shopping from your couch at home! In addition to a wide variety of comics, Jay also has a LOT of collectible items on sale, from Funko!Pops to hand-crocheted E-Woks, Pokeballs and more. He is also very open about his inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community, and has flags and stickers for sale.

The wall of comic books is a great place to browse. Plus all the DVDs, video games, and hand-crocheted items on offer make it a great place to while away the hours. Yup, I know this from personal experience!

Stickers from Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles Comic shops and game stores
The stickers I bought at Cape and Cowl Comics and Collectibles.

Leighann Wichman Safe Place

Jay is also very open about his inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community, featuring flags and stickers, many of which are designed by local artists! You can find them at the checkout to pick your favs.

This is why Cape and Cowl is home to The Leighann Wichman Safe Space, where youth can drop in and feel safe to be their authentic selves. And this space makes a real positive impact in the community. In fact, a few of my friends who grew up in the area rave about Cape and Cowl for this very reason. They have fond memories of that fun, safe place where they felt welcome to be themselves as a teenager. What a gift!


Each of these comic shops and game stores is important to many people around the Halifax area. They are well-loved, for many different reasons. I personally love every single one. I have never had a bad experience shopping at any of them, no matter what I went there to get. They are each unique and hold their own magic, and friendly faces behind the counter, each a perfect place to go to get a sense of community. They make me feel safe to express my interests as myself and are ALWAYS so keen to help.

On a related note before I go, I’ve got to mention, a must for all comic-loving crafters out there—Nerds With Needles. Offering hand-dyed yarn inspired by all things nerdy and fibre-crafty. Plus they’ve got cool comic-inspired notions and gorgeous patterns and maker kits to try your (gloved) hand at your own yarn dying if you like!

And honestly, with anything comic-gaming related in Halifax, I just HAVE to talk about Hal-Con coming back with gusto at the Halifax Convention Centre October 28-30! Better yet, let’s hear it from the organizers:

“We’re Back Baby! Dust off your wigs, dig out your dice, and hold onto your socks because Hal-Con is back and bigger than ever! Our amazing 100% volunteer-powered crew is ready to give you the best Hal-Con experience yet, so get ready to join us in 2022 for a weekend packed with friends, fandom, and fun!” 

As you can probably tell by now, I’m always on the lookout for cool new local comic book, games shops, and related events, even on my travels. So, please share your favourites in your home local, as well as your experiences with them in the comments. Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our readers for suggesting one of their favourite Halifax Local Comic Book Stores, Strange Adventures: “Canada’s oddest and award-winning comic book stores. With locations in Fredericton, Halifax and Dartmouth, Strange Adventures has been bringing you the best in comics since 1992!”

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