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Being a newcomer to any country can be confusing and overwhelming when you don’t have someone to guide you. I know this from first hand experience. In July of 2014, my family and I made a very… big change. We decided to move from the warm, tropical, and top tourist destination known as Jamaica to Halifax. The city of rain and construction. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why trade paradise defined for a frigid indoor swimming pool? To that, I have no answer. 

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I imagine my parents, like so many newcomers, moved to explore the many new possibilities available to us. This includes, jobs, education, and sometimes, better opportunities in general.

But what happens after we get here? We are placed into a new environment, constantly interacting with new people and new surroundings—which is beyond intimidating to say the least. Without a sense of direction and our familiar comforts, what can we do? Where do we start? 

Cue this very blog! Here you will find lots of helpful info and resources to help you settle comfortably into your new home, including:

  • International Food and Grocery
  • Educational Support and Programs
  • Financial Aid
  • Attractions and Local Events

Yes, all in one place! So, without further delay, let’s dive in!

International Food and Groceries

The “Big M-O-V-E” was a very overwhelming period for me as a child. Such a big change in a short period left me confused and homesick. Navigating an environment seemingly eons away from my norm also made me feel disoriented at times. I had so many emotions to sift through before I could fully settle in. But one feeling that stood out the most to me was that I missed the taste of home. This is something I believe every migrant/newcomer can relate to. 

Don’t get me wrong, exploring new food from your host country can always be exciting. But, it’s that familiarity of home that provides comfort and reassurance when you need it most.

To that, I have curated a guide of local international restaurants, grocers, and more. This is to ensure that future and current newcomers—just like me—can always have ready access to these home-food comforts at all times.

Name Business Address More Description Business Type
Talay Thai 5163 Morris St, Halifax, NSWebsite"Talay Thai is an authentic and award winning Thai restaurant, owned and operated by the Dao family, whose ancestry is filled with successful entrepreneurs."Thai restuarant
Blue Elephant 81 Peakview Way #100, Bedford, NS Website"Blue Elephant stays true to the culinary culture and influences of Thailand which allow you to choose from a variety of unique dishes, from the past, present and future of Thailand’s gastronomic culture."Thai
Mary's African Cuisine 1701 Barrington St, Halifax, NS Website"Mary started her business as a rice seller in Achimota, at a little wooden stand, when she was just a teenager. She now has over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry, and is the proprietress of Mary’s African Cuisine (a full service African Restaurant in Downtown Halifax), Kicks Café (a soccer themed café in the BMO Soccer Centre in Halifax), and a catering division"African Resturant
Aster Cafe3556 Dutch Village Rd, Halifax, NS Website"Cozy spot serving up fresh Ethiopian cuisine and authentic Ehtiopian roasted coffee" Ethopian food
Irie Vibes 972 Cole Harbour Rd, Dartmouth, NS Website"At Irie Vibes Bar & Grill, we pride ourselves into bringing the most authentic experience and taste of Jamaican culture to HRM. "Jamaican Cuisine
Brawta Jerk Joint 1567 Grafton St, Halifax, NS Website"Providing authentic Jamaican food made with mainly locally sourced ingredients that we do not skimp on"Jamaican Resturant
Tsujiri 1605 South Park StWebsite"Our Vision:
Be pioneer of serving authentic japanese tea to the world"
Japanese Tea House
Tareks Halifax 3045 Robie St, Halifax, NS WebsiteMediterranean
902 Resturant & Catering 1579 Dresden Row, HalifaxWebsite"At 902 you can enjoy a wide variety of meticulously prepared dishes.You can eat meals from all around the Mediterranean,
all in one place."
Mediterreanian Cuisine
Glorias, International Grocery store 200 Portland St, DartmouthWebsite"Pls visit our shop at the mentioned address and buy your favourite foodsstuff from African . Nigerian/Ghanaian and many other W.African countries."West African Grocer
Pete's Frootique & Fine Foods 1515 Dresden Row, Halifax, NS Website"Our stores pride themselves on always being fully stocked with products from vendors in the communities that surround us."International Grocery
Taishan Asian Grocery 6466 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS Website"A local Asian grocery stocking dried goods, herbs and other imported foodstuffs"
Asian Grocery
M&Y Asian Market 6238 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, Website "This is the best shop the city for all your quick stop needs and more. Great location, Dumplings, steam buns, sauces, and more."Asian Market
Kabayan Mart 117 Kearney Lake Rd Unit 10, Halifax,Website"Kabayan Food Mart is a market that provides a fantastic selection of Filipino goods and products to provide for all your needs. "Filipino Grocery
Barrios 1269 Barrington St, Halifax, NS WebsiteReview:"This Filipino kitchenette inside Bearley's House of Blues is underrated. First of all, the serving portion is huge. Second, the pricing is affordable. Last & definitely not the least, the food taste good"Filipino Cuisine
JJ Korean Mart 2326 Gottingen St, Halifax, NSWebsiteReview:"This shop has a friendly atmosphere and excellent variety of dumplings, noodles, meat, and pantry items (both canned & dry). The prices are reasonable."Korean Grocery
Heiwa Oriental Mart 7018 Chebucto Rd, Halifax, NS Website"A small store but a great place for Japanese or Korean snacks. You can buy pretty much anything here. Shopping is made pleasant by the shopkeepers "Korean Grocery
Alsmadi Market 364 Bedford Hwy, Halifax, NS Website"Variety of mideast grocery for a reasonable price..[]"Middle Eastern Grocery
Mid East Food Centre2595 Agricola St, Halifax, NS WebsiteReview: "This is my go-to place for my items whenever I want to prepare a Middle Eastern feast. It is my favourite Middle Eastern Grocery store because it reminds me of home and the owners are SUPER awesome and nice!"Middle Eastern Grocery
Kam Moon 2013 Brunswick St, Halifax, NS Website"Kam-Moon brings to HRM the best Mediterranean cuisine experience in a freshly baked Pita Pocket and much more."Egyptian
Shiraz Resturant 1240 Hollis St, Halifax, NSWebsite"Shiraz Restaurant & Catering Services captures the exotic flavors of the Persia. We offer authentic Halal Persian cuisine with the best quality and price in Edmonton. We hope everyone from different cultures, cities and countries enjoy the foods at Shiraz Restaurant."Persian, Iranian
Casablanca Authentic Moroccan Cuisine 1532 Queen St, Halifax, NS
"Moroccan specialities, desserts & mint teas are dished up in this warm restaurant."Moroccan
Yummy Deli 3647 Dutch Village Rd, Halifax, NS Website"Yummy Deli Halifax is now a formal agent of Meest shipping corporation that ready to serve all of Nova Scotia. Now you can ship parcels to Europe and Central Asia."European Grocery
Finsbury Market6516 Chebucto Rd, Halifax, NS Website"Micro-Bakery, Speciality Food Store, Cheese Emporium, Espresso, imported goods,"European Grocery
Italian Market6061 Young St, Halifax, NSWebsite"The Italian Market is Halifax’s premiere destination for all things Italian with the most extensive array of Italian food products in Atlantic Canada."Italian Grocery
British Pride Bakery 201 Chain Lake Dr, Halifax, NSWebsite"We are an award winning British grocery store with a huge range of British groceries, British style baked goods and butchery items"British Confectionarys
Atlantic Dutch Shop 94 Horseshoe Turn, East Lawrencetown, NS WebsiteReview: "Love this little gem in Lawrencetown. So many great Dutch delicacies and things you can't find anywhere else."Dutch Delicatessens
Verano 1871 Hollis St, Halifax, NS Website"We are a small family owned restaurant located at the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia that loves to serve fresh food Monday to Friday. We offered breakfast and lunch with all food made fresh from scratch with lots of pride of our latino background.""Latin American
The Spice Box 188 Bedford Hwy, Halifax, NS Website"Experience Amazing Flavors!"
Salvatores 5541 Young St, Halifax, NS Website"Amazing Italian style pizza, really good prices"Italian
South Asian Mart 100 Ilsley Ave unit K, Dartmouth, NS Website"One stop shop for all your desi needs!! We carry a wide range of Ready to Eat meals, Snacks, Spices!"Indian Grocery
Naan n' Curry6386 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS Website"At Naan n Curry, we take pride in bringing the traditional flavours of India to life here in Halifax. Our carefully curated menu features a variety of classic Indian dishes as well as some unconventional Indian inspired dishes."Indian
Red Chilies 936 Bedford Hwy Unit 108A, Bedford, NS Website"We are calling out to all Indian food lovers! Red Chillies Flavours of India is an Indian themed restaurant located in the Games Village at Bedford, City of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We’re highly recognized as first-rated Indian buffet and restaurant. Our team is pleased to offer our food fanatics Indian cuisine at Indian authentic restaurant ambience. Even the pickiest of the eaters can enjoy up to 100 items with unmatched ethnic tastes, delectable street food of Kerala, Masala Dosa. Chaats, Soya Chaap, Chole Bhature, Rice, the list goes on"Indian
Underground Snax 1549 Barrington St, Halifax, NS Website"International Snax & Drinks 🍬🥤"Imported Snacks
Halifax Bread800A Windmill Rd Unit 1C, Dartmouth, NSWebsite"Freshly baked breads, traditional flat breads, Persian sweets, saffron, rose water, cakes, cream puff"Persian, Iranian

Educational Support and Programs

vLife Newcomers Guide Blog image tutor. In school support. woman helping student complete work.

Now, what happens after you’ve settled into your new environment? Are you ready to explore the many supports and opportunities Halifax has to offer? 

According to Nova Scotia Immigration, “Nova Scotia is home to more than 100 cultures and ethnicities from all over the globe”, so it’s safe to say that Halifax has an immense amount of cultural diversity. In addition to there being a multitude of different cultural groups in Halifax, there are also many different types of support offered. This can be a very tricky and confusing thing to navigate, to say the least. Here, I will highlight a few branches of support in hopes of assisting you in quickly identifying resources that could help you meet your needs.

I hope that by sharing my experiences in using some of these supports I can help you navigate what could be best for you and your family during your time here.

My Experience

Being that I moved at a fairly young age, I did not have any solid interests of my own. This proved to be an initial barrier for me finally settling into my new environment. Finding an interest that stuck was even harder. This made extracurriculars an interesting venture for both me and my parents. But finally, in the dreary winter of 2015, I found something that I enjoyed enough to go through with. I was introduced to the Strings Program.

What is the Strings Program, you ask?

The Strings Program is an in-school program that provides children from elementary to high school the opportunity to learn a string Instrument. For no payment at all. That’s right; it is completely free of cost. They provide a fitted violin to each student as well as all of the accompanying tools to play and maintain the instrument. I stuck with this program for FOUR years. Though, if you’re curious, I can only play London Bridge and O Canada. Still, it was a great integrating experience for me.

In addition to the strings program, I participated in a multitude of different extracurricular clubs and activities. During two years in elementary alone, I participated in:

And this is just to name a few. 

The point of this list was to highlight some of the options available for extracurriculars and activities for younger children looking for something to do. And also an excellent way to build and bond with the community around them. 

School Supports for Newcomers

Now here’s something for the older kids. Naturally, the older we get in the school system, the more we have to buckle down on our studies to prepare for post-secondary education. Reviewing the Canadian curriculum tends to be the biggest culture shock when talking to other newcomers enrolled in High School. Some curriculums detail fast-paced work with a majority of it being independent. This means that aside from lessons/lectures, you are always working by yourself to complete assignments. Of course, you are always free to ask for assistance from your teachers but sometimes you just can’t manage to connect at a mutually convenient time with your teacher. So what do we do?

Down below you will find a guide of amazing academic support for newcomers that you can use, whatever the need may be. From homework help to people you can talk to when you get stuck in your academic studies.

Name Main Contact Business Address More DescriptionBusiness Type
Pathways Canada 531 Herring Cove Rd, Halifax, NS Website"The award-winning Pathways to Education Program is a holistic combination of academic, financial, social, and one-on-one supports is proven to remove barriers to graduation and promote positive youth development during critical high school years"Academic support. Gr. 9-12
HRCE Student Services Amelia Downey / 902-229-170533 Spectacle Lake Drive, Dartmouth, Website"HRCE's Parent Navigators have built strong relationships with community agencies throughout the region and have developed deep understandings of the tools and resources out there for families."Parent Support
Programs For Adults 902-490-5244 / Contact Branch for more information16 Sussex Street Halifax, NS Programs offered may include:
Book clubs
English Language Learning
One-on-one computer training
Small business startup
Adult Learning Program
Converstaion Club For Newcomer Women 902-210-2370 / d.agbola@ywcahalifax.com358 Herring Cove Road, Halifax NS Website"Provides a place for newcomer women to practice their English,make friends, and learn about and engage in their community"English Support
Immigration francophone Nouvelle-Écosse : Aide à l’emploi et en entreprenariat902-433-2099 / info@immigrationfrancophonene.ca6960 Mumford Road, Suite 2085, Halifax NS "Provides employment references and entrepreneurship through partner organizations."Career Support
Settlement Support *902-423-3607 / info@isans.ca6960 Mumford Road, Suite 2120, Halifax NS Website"Helps immigrants settle and provides:

Needs assessment and referral
Orientation program
Crisis intervention services
Refugee support"
International Student Support NSCC -- Akerley Campus 1 902-419-4799 / Jenny.McLean@nscc.ca21 Woodlawn Rd, Dartmouth, NS Website"Our International Student Advisors can answer your questions and help you find the information, services and tools you need to succeed in your program."Student Support
International Student Support NSCC -- Ivany Campus 1 902-491-1789 / Mike.Duggan@nscc.ca80 Mawiomi Pl, Dartmouth, NS Website"Our International Student Advisors can answer your questions and help you find the information, services and tools you need to succeed in your program."Student Support
International Student Support NSCC -- All Campuses outside of the HRM1 902-893-5360 / Farhana.Afroz@nscc.caAll campuses outside of the HRMWebsite"Our International Student Advisors can answer your questions and help you find the information, services and tools you need to succeed in your program."Student Support
Atlantic Canada Study and Stay Nova Scotia (EduNova)902-424-8178 / info@edunova.ca1809 Barrington Street, Suite 804

Halifax NS
Website"Supports international students to live, work, and stay in Nova Scotia post-graduation."International Student Support
Chebucto Connections902-477-0964 / tara@chebuctoconnections.ca531 Herring Cove Rd.

Halifax NS,
Website"At Chebucto Connections, we partner with community groups, agencies, businesses, institutions and governments to help them better serve their clients and focus their efforts on local interests and priorities. "Student Support
YMCA HalifaxA List of contacts for schools throughout the HRM can be found here.5657 Spring Garden Rd.

Park Lane Terraces, Suite 700
Halifax, NS
Website"The YMCA School Settlement Staff works on site in 34 schools in HRM and 20 schools across the province with the objective of supporting newcomer parents and children to be actively engaged in new school communities."Student Support
Metro Works 902-453-6246 / info@mymetroworks.ca7071 Bayers Road, Suite LL05

Halifax, NS
Website"We offer workshops to help participates learn new skills, support with resume and employment portfolio building, and work placement opportunities with a number of our amazing program partners. We welcome anyone with low English levels and provide interpretation support for all."Career Support
Student Services Division ( Department of Education and Early Childhood Development)902-424-7454 / studentservices@novascotia.ca2021 Brunswick Street

Halifax NS
Website"Provides direction and leadership to Centres of Education regarding the development, implementation and evaluation of policies, programs and services"Academic Support
YMCA Centre for Immigrants Program -- Saturday Study Skills 902-457-9622 ext 231 / yis@halifax.ymca.ca7071 Bayers Road, Suite 104

Halifax NS
Website"Study classes for elementary students to practice their language skills in a safe, fun, and interactive environment."Aademic Support (P-6)
YMCA Centre for Immigrants Program -- School Settlement Program 902-457-9622 / yis@halifax.ymca.ca7071 Bayers Road, Suite 104

Halifax NS
Website"Provides services to support newcomer parents and children to be actively engaged in their new school communities."Academic Support
Adult Education Services (Black Educators Association) 902-424-7036 / info@bea-ns.ca2136 Gottingen Street

Halifax NS


Adult Learning Program (ALP)

ALP prep for NSCC level 4

GED prep"
Academic Support
Halifax Humanities 101 902-425-7589 / halifaxhumanities@gmail.com2285 Gottingen Street

Halifax NS
Website"The class is a “Great Books” program where students will read works of Western literature, philosophy, political theory, and theology, and look at works of art. The course moves chronologically, beginning in Ancient Mesopotamia and ending in the present day. "Academic Program

Financial Aid Guide 

Finances seem to be one of the bigger issues to tackle, as well as one of the issues that I have had the least amount of experience with. So, to find the most helpful financial aid support that is currently available, I asked other migrants in my community for organizations and local groups that they found beneficial when they arrived in Halifax. 

Name Main Contact Business Address More DescriptionCatergory
Financial Literacy For Newcomers (YWCA Halifax) 902-210-2370358 Herring Cove Road

Halifax NS B3R 1V8
Website"Provides support and educational programs in areas such as budgeting, savings, credit, and buying a home in Nova Scotia. Provides newcomers with support to better understand and navigate Canada's financial system.

Participants receive a certificate of completion after 8 hours of weekly or bi-weekly programming."
Financial Aid
Newcomer Program (Futurpeneur Canada)1-800-464-2923 ext 3895 / info@futurpreneur.ca 2000 Barrington Street, Suite 1400

Halifax NS B3J 3K1
Website"Provides young entrepreneurs who are new to Canada with:

Start up resources
Expertise and resources"
Financial Literacy Aid
Government of Canada - Free Tax Clinics 1-800-959-8281 Various Locations . To find a specific location click here.Website"Each year through the CVITP, organizations and volunteers help hundreds of thousands of people file their income tax and benefit returns and receive the benefits and credits they are entitled to."Tax Clinic
Income Assistance 1-877-424-1177 2131 Gottingen Street, 2nd Floor

Halifax NS B3K 5Z7
Website"Provides people in financial need with assistance with basic needs such as food, rent, utilities, and clothing. The program may also help with other needs such as child care, transportation, prescription drugs, emergency dental care, and eye glasses."Financial Aid
Legal Resources 902-433-2085 / information@ajefne.ns.ca1741 Brunswick Street, Suite 120B

Halifax NS B3J 3X8
WebsiteFournit divers ressources/outils dans le domaine légal, tels que:


Résumés d'arrêts


Lexique juridique francophon
Legal Aid (FR)
Advocacy and Refferals (St. Paul's Family Resource Institute)902-479-1015 / khollery_stpaulsfri@hotmail.com173 Old Sambro Road

Halifax NS B3R 2H6
Website"Offers assistance with accessing legal and financial services. Makes referrals to appropriate services and service providers.'Legal & Financial Aid
Summary Advice Service 902-420-6569 / 5475 Spring Garden Road, Suite 401

Halifax NS B3J 3T2
Website"Some level of help is available to Nova Scotians facing family, criminal, youth, or social justice issues such as:

Canada Pension Disability (CPP)

Employment Insurance (EI)

Income Assistance (IA)"
Legal & Financial Aid
Settlemement Funding Program*1-877-404-7074 / LaMPSS@novascotia.caOnline Support Website"The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration’s Settlement Funding Program assists community organizations, other public or non-governmental organizations, and language schools to provide services that facilitate integration and long-term residency of successful immigrants (including refugees) in Nova Scotia"Financial Aid
Ukraine Immigration Services 1-833-760-1162Online Application Website"We’re giving financial assistance to help Ukrainian families who are in Canada under the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET).

The assistance is a one-time, non-taxable benefit. It’s to take care of your basic needs while you get settled in Canada."
Financial Aid

Attractions and Local Events

Finally, we get to the fun stuff!

People walking in beautiful Downtown Halifax Historic Properties. Things to do in Halifax. From vLife's "A Newcomer's Guide" blog
Beautiful shop-fronts in Downtown Halifax’s Historic Properties, where old meets new. A must-see for newcomers!

Though you may have heard otherwise, Halifax can be a very enjoyable and exciting place to be when you know where to look. With a wide variety of natural and urban attractions, there is always something new and fun to try around the city.

For me, my favourite thing to do is go cafe hopping in Downtown Halifax. There are so many locally-owned cafes and eateries tucked away in alleys and backstreets, that I am always finding something different and unique. What I really like about exploring these businesses is that they have such a personal and homey feel to them that keeps drawing me back no matter how hard I try to stay away. And while I am enjoying myself; I am also funneling more money back into my community by supporting these local businesses. 

I also enjoy visiting local Art Galleries like The Blue Building and Studio 21 Fine Art Gallery. Where the works of local artists are displayed for the public to view. 

If you enjoy nature; there are so many hidden trails and stunning parks located inside Halifax and around Nova Scotia. There is simply something, somewhere, guaranteed to match your interest. Check out the table below for attractions and events throughout Halifax.

Name Business address More DescriptionBusiness type
Victoria Park 29 Park Rd, Truro, NS Website"Victoria Park is one of Truro's greatest assets - a natural woodland park of roughly 3,000 acres in the center of town with an extensive trail system for all ages."Provincial Park
Burntcoat Head Park45 Faulkner Lane, Noel, Nova Scotia, Website"Burntcoat Head Park is home to the world’s highest recorded tides. Owned and operated by the Municipality of East Hants, the park is open seasonally from mid-May to mid-October."Provincial Park
Trout Point Lodging 189 Trout Point Rd, Kemptville, NS B0W 1Y0Website"In an age filled with constant noise and busyness, enter a world where nature envelops and nurtures you. The sounds you’ll hear are rustling leaves and whispering wind, and the sights you’ll see are as ancient as the stars. Trout Point Lodge is a lush haven for adventurers searching for both authenticity and luxury."Luxury Wilderness Lodge
Schubenacadie Tidal Bore Rafting12215 NS-215, Urbania, NS Website"Feel the rush of riding waves that can be up to 4 metres (13 feet) high in a Zodiac boat as the power of the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy turn the Shubenacadie River into a water roller coaster only found in Nova Scotia."Attraction
Skyline trail Cape Breton Highlands National Park, 19685 Cabot Trail, Pleasant Bay, NS B0E 2P0Website"Watch for whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence from the viewing decks. Moose, bald eagles, bears and numerous boreal birds live in this habitat."Nature, Outdoors, Scenic
Cabot Cape Breton18 Cabot Lane, Inverness, Website"Top residential, resort, and golf destinations, The Cabot Collection includes Cabot Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Cabot Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, Cabot Revelstoke in British Columbia, Cabot Citrus Farms in Florida, and Cabot Highlands in Scotland."Nature, Resort, Outdoors, Golf
East Coast Surf SchoolAtlantic View Trail, East Lawrencetown, NS Website"East Coast Surf School has been teaching surf lessons since 2005. Founded by Nova Scotia’s only professional surfer, we have the best surf instructors on the East Coast!"Surfing Lessons
Martinique Beach Provincial Park 2389 E Petpeswick Rd, Musquodoboit Harbour, NS B0J 2L0Website"A 3.7 km crescent, white-sand beach with open and wooded picnic areas behind the dunes. Boardwalks and hard-surfaced paths offer access for beachcombing and swimming."Public Beach
Lebanese Festival 111 Clayton Park Dr, Halifax, NS Website"Since 2001, the Annual Halifax Lebanese Festival has been rated as one of the most successful and vibrant summer events in Halifax. Held at landmark location - Olympic Community Center on Hunter Street, the Festival offers the famous delicious array of authentic Lebanese food, live entertainment, performances, and various activities for the whole family to enjoy."Cultural Festival
Halifax Celtic Festival2023 Location TBA Website"The Halifax Celtic Festival is presented by the Celtic Cultural Society of Nova Scotia. This is a non-profit society formed to support and perpetuate the cultural, linguistic, literary, heritage, history, and traditions of Nova Scotia’s Celtic Community."Cultural Festival
Studio 21 Fine Art 5431 Doyle Street Halifax Nova Scotia Website"Studio 21 Fine Art has exhibited the best contemporary Canadian art for over 30 years, providing artwork to private and corporate collectors in Atlantic Canada, nationally and internationally. While half of the gallery’s artists are from the Atlantic region, the gallery represents a broad spectrum of Canadian contemporary artists."Art Studio, Exhibit
Eye Level Gallery 2482 Maynard St
Halifax Nova Scotia
Website"Prioritizing treaty, accessibility, and care, Eyelevel supports the production and presentation of socially-engaged artistic practices through arts programming outside of the traditional white-wall gallery."Art Studio
Argyle Fine art 1559 Barrington St, Halifax, NS Website"Argyle Fine Art opened it's doors on Argyle Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia in July 2000. The gallery has changed a lot since then, with our main focus being on emerging to mid-career artists from Atlantic Canada. We pride ourselves in presenting art in a venue that is inviting and not pretentious. We believe art is for everyone. "Art Gallery, Collector, Contemporary Art
The Loot Vintage 1711 Barrington St, Halifax, NS WebsiteReview:"I absolutely love this store. shopping for used clothes can be so chaotic, but not here. everything is so organized and easy to find; i love it! they have so much super cute stuff, and it’s honestly not badly priced at all. the staff are also super sweet and helpful, i will definitely be coming back :)"Vintage thrift, Thrift Store, Shopping,
Clothes, Secondhand
Agricola Street Books 2684 Agricola St., Halifax, NSWebsite"We are a general interest used and new bookstore for adults and children.
We are excited to be part of the Agricola Street neighbourhood"
Vintage, Secondhand, Books,
Cape Chignecto Provincial Park 1108 W advocate Rd, Advocate Harbour, NS Website"At Cape Chignecto, towering 180 m (600 ft.) sea cliffs rise from the Bay of Fundy, while the world's highest tides lap at their base. Best described as a wilderness park, it has 29 km (18 mi.) of pristine coastline, deep valleys, sheltered coves, rare plants, and remnant old-growth forests. The park offers over 60 km (37 mi.) of wilderness trails, a picnic area overlooking the Bay of Fundy, and remote walk-in campsites and cabins. "Nature, Outdoors, Hiking
Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park 149 Creighton Rd, Shubenacadie, NSWebsite"Within the Shubenacadie (pronounced "Shoo-ben-ack-a-dee") Wildlife Park's 40 hectares is all the wonder and excitement millions of visitors have enjoyed for over sixty years.

This facility places special emphasis on providing a wide range of outdoor recreational and educational opportunities to Nova Scotians and visitors alike"
Nature, Outdoors, Wildlife, Animals
The Curio Collective1800 Argyle Street Halifax, NSWebsite"The Curio Collective is a SUPER FUN and exclusively vintage & antiques show showcasing the highly curated collections of sellers from across the Maritimes!
Vintage, Antique, Shopping
Funky Flea Market 200 Prospect Rd, Goodwood, NS Website"At the market you can find Vintage Clothes, Vinyl Records, Art, Jewelry, antiques and Collectibles. So if you're feeling funky come on down to the Funky Flea!"Vintage. Antique, Shopping, Market
Putting Edge 182 Chain Lake Drive, Halifax NSWebsite"From the moment you enter one of our “Black lit” courses, you have left “the real world” and have entered a dizzying universe full of fun, imagination, and activity. You will be immersed in a kaleidoscope of dazzling “Glow-in-the-Dark” colors, images and sounds, rocking your senses in extraordinary and unbelievable ways."Indoor, Glow in the Dark, Golf, Arcade
Kartbahn66 Otter Lake Court, Halifax, NS Website"Kartbahn Racing is Atlantic Canada’s Premier Indoor Karting Destination. From our humble beginnings in Halifax’s North End to our move to Bayers Lake Industrial Park in 2005, we are happy to be part of the region’s entertainment and function planning industry. We are not just about karting anymore – we are the entertainment, the facility, the organizers, and the event!"Indoor Racing, Go Kart, Aracade
Royal Nova Scotia International TattooSee Website for Location Details
Website"The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo is global entertainment in our own backyard.

Audiences from far and wide—and performers from every continent—have loved the Tattoo since its inception in 1979. In the decades since, our show has become the kick-off to summer: everyone knows they’ll find superior entertainment at the Tattoo.

We blend modern spectacle with historical medleys to show audiences where we’ve been, who we are today, and what’s coming in the future. There’s something for everyone at the Tattoo: marching bands, acrobats, dancers, military displays, pipes and drums, and much more!

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo is fun for the whole family. Kids 18 and under are free!"
Entertainment, Live, Parade
Ha!ifax ComedyFestSee Website for Location Details
Website"Every April, Halifax erupts in laughter as comedians from all over North America hit the stage for the Ha!ifax ComedyFest. Held over 4 days, the festival showcases over 30 comedians with multiple shows across the city, including several shows taped for CBC."Entertainment, Comedy, Live, Social
Savour Food and Wine Festival1181 Hollis St, Halifax, NSWebsite"The Savour Food and Wine Festival is the largest non-profit culinary festival in Canada. Sales from the festival go directly to support RANS and their work in championing Nova Scotia’s food and beverage industry."Food crawl, Social, Food
89th Annual Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom FestivalVisit website for Location DetailsWebsite"The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival enables everyone to celebrate the Annapolis Valley's heritage and culture by hosting a multi-day festival, comprised of events that reflect our past, present, and future."Dining, Festival, Parade, Orchard
Halifax BeerFest 1031 Marginal Rd, Halifax, NSWebsite"Come and join other Nova Scotia craft beer fans and sample the creativity of over 40 Nova Scotia craft breweries from the largest Taproom in the Maritimes! Together We Brew is a great opportunity to meet folks from the Nova Scotia brewing community as well as other craft beer enthusiasts. Share stories with local brew masters and enjoy live music while discovering Nova Scotia’s amazing craft beer scene on the incredible Halifax Waterfront."
Festival , Craft Beer, Restaurants
Trapped Escape Rooms 1313 Barrington St, HalifaxWebsite"Trapped, one of the largest real-life room escape games world wide, offering premium escape rooms in multiple locations across the globe."Escape Room, Mystery


And for an updated list of other attractions throughout Nova Scotia check out this blog by Erin McAskill: Fun Nova Scotia Things To Do.

I hope you found this blog helpful as much as you do useful in your journey as a newcomer! This an updateable blog, so if you find that any beneficial resources, or suggestions, have been excluded, please be sure to comment below the post so that they may be added in the future.


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