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Learning music online or in-person goes hand-in-hand with your own development. One study in 2010 found that the structural and functional cerebral neuroplastic processes emerge as a result of long-term musical training. Or, in words for laymen like myself, learning music makes you smarter. But as we all know, music is more than just something to learn, it’s also something to love, share, appreciate and simply just have—from CDs to playlists on Spotify. 

Helpful ways to combat zoom fatigue – Blog
Zoom fatigue is real. Read this infographic for more info on how you can identify Zoom fatigue within yourself or others. This is something to consider when learning music online. This infographic is sourced from

But if we can see that music as something to both love and share, then where in the community can we learn? Well, that begs a few more questions: where can I learn to play an instrument? What music classes are available for my kids? Should I be learning online or in-person? It’s a lot of questions that this blog seeks to give you answers for by giving you the local options you need! 

Online vs. In-Person

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that learning in-person is an option rather than a necessity. School, work, and now, even music lessons can be shifted to virtual spaces. Today, a new decision has to be made as to which one you prefer. But trying to decide can be tricky. On the one hand, online can be more convenient, easier on gas, and less strain socially. On the other hand, in-person learning gives new opportunities and, after all, Zoom fatigue is very real thing—just see the infographic! Well, when trying to make a choice, it’s best to look at your options. So let’s start there. 

Learning Music In-Person

Mindfully Learning to Love Music 

Ekko Music

As we know, the hardest part about getting into music is trying to figure out where to start. What instrument? Where? With who? Online, or in-person? It can get kinda overwhelming. Well, to start, music doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Ekko Music is a Halifax based music learning studio. They don’t just teach you or your loved ones music. Ekko removes the fear and stress with learning music by incorporating themes of wellness into every lesson. As they say, “Our instructors subtly incorporate aspects of mindfulness into music teaching/learning so that students get the most of their lessons. The aspects taught in lessons can help students gain more confidence playing, become better players, or just relax.” This includes ideas such as incorporating music therapy, mindfulness and life-coaching. All of which is supported by a registered counselling therapist. In summary, Ekko offers a local environment that takes some of the best parts of learning online (comfort, flexibility) and pushes it into an in-person space. 

This aside, Ekko provides a variety of private and group lessons. Here are the following options they offer:

Private Group
Voice Chamber Ensemble
Guitar & Ukulele Kids’ Choir
Piano Beginner Guitar & Ukulele Classes
Saxophone and Woodwinds Junior Strings Group
Banjo, Accordion and other folk instruments Music Theory Workshop


And this new wave of flexible learning in the music space doesn’t stop with Ekko.

Merry Time Music Co. 

Merry Time Music Co. Fall Lessons - Family Fun Halifax
Here are two of the three owners of Merry Time Music, Adrianna Ciccone and Catarina Ciccone!

Merry Time Music Co. is based on magic. Not like the Harry Potter, floating candles kind of magic. More like the magic of learning music. I know, sounds a little strange. But hear it out.

According to Merry Time Music, their “magic is rooted in community, belonging + connection.” It’s a simple equation really. Taking some of the themes of comfort and community, Merry Time Music offers individual or group lessons with the comfort of the learner at the forefront. As they say, “Our mission is to create an environment where students can gather to experience the magic of social music-making—through creative and individualized lessons, camps + concerts that focus on developing the joy of music as well as the craft.” You or a child can then learn music not within the strict ideas that music is often viewed, but instead, learn with a little magic. 

Learning Music Online 

Less stress when at home

That covers in-person, what about online? Well, as we know, since COVID-19 the world has become increasingly online and available. The same rings true for music lessons. Today, a wide variety of local music teachers are available for all. However, with the shift online comes an air of wide-range diversity. In other words, it becomes much harder to support locally when the online options across the world are so great. So, let’s say you want online music lessons in the HRM. Where do you go? Well here are two options: 

Adrianna Ciccone 

Remember Merry Times Music? Well, one of their founders, Adrianna Ciccone, does their private lessons with a blend of online and in-person, Adrianna offers a variety of lessons on multiple levels for three different instruments; violin, fiddle and piano. To this end, Adrianna has a focus on online music lessons for kids, in which you don’t have to worry about the hassle and trouble of getting from point A to B. Thinking of some musical values from earlier, this dramatically reduces the stress of learning music altogether. 

Mansion on the Hill

Mansion on the Hill expands this narrative even further to more than five different music classes online. This includes Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, and Wind instruments, all online from beginner lessons to advanced. These lessons are also one-on-one, giving you or someone you know a personal experience with their instructor. 

How Else Can I Learn? 

But learning music isn’t a monolith. You don’t have to keep learning music online or in-person with a teacher. There are many ways to learn, outside of just learning via an instrument and an instructor. For example, attending a concert can be an enlightening way to see an individual or group play an instrument. Lucky for you, Nova Scotia is filled with a variety of musical events you can attend:

Need more? Visit our updated events page for a list of real-time musical events for you to try out!

And yes, of course, there are millions of YouTube music tutorials to choose from—ranging from literally Robert Plant to just amateurs wanting to share. These can be a great non-stress online music learning option to get you started. However, if you’re serious about wanting to up your music learning game at some point, it’s good to access one-on-one music lessons if you can—in-person or online. That kind of personalized music instruction will expedite the learning process.

Where’s that Leave Us?

I know. This blog doesn’t solve the problem of trying to choose between learning music online or in-person. But what we did do today is give you options. It’s tricky trying to pick, but looking at what local options you have to select from makes the process easier. Regardless, my words don’t do the experience of learning music justice—the easier method is to just get out there and give both a try. Find what works for you. After all, as said by the great poet Hans Christian Andersen, “Where words fail, music speaks.”

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