Wave 3 of COVID-19. What stores are open near me?

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We have all experienced public health restrictions and safety measures over the past year. At times, these restrictions can cause a complete lockdown. Not only does this make shopping for everyday items challenging, but it also alters what stores are actually still open near you! This post will help you with exploring what stores are open nearby. Additionally, from the post, you might learn about new ways to shop during these most recent public health restrictions.

One shopping method which may be new to you is looking at delivery for local essentials, like groceries, through Instacart (more details on this below).

Local stores are also trying their absolute best to try and stay open, in some capacity, to serve our communities. Many stores are limiting their customer interactions, due to the most recent restrictions, by offering curbside pickup. Free delivery is also something that is now being offered by many local stores!

So without further ado, let’s now take a look at the many ways local stores are adapting to stay serving their customers. And of course, what is actually open near you!

Is there a safer way that I can buy essential goods?

You have probably heard the term ‘essential’ many times over the past year. That’s right! The most recent lockdown is forcing only essential workers and essential services to stay open for in-person customer shopping. Companies are continuing to innovate and come up with clever ways to better serve their customers and communities. This is happening all while dealing with public health restrictions that affect their business.

One new way to shop for essential groceries is by having a designated shopper, randomly assigned through the application Instacart, who will browse and purchase whatever it is you are going to order either through their mobile app or webpage. Everything that is in stock, at whichever grocer you choose, is displayed on the app or webpage. This makes grocery shopping safer and simpler as you only need to make a few clicks online to purchase your grocery list! Grocery delivery is something that is evolving and changing quickly.

How can I safely buy local food near me?

Locally sourced food can be a viable, safe, and simple option for many of us as well! Local farmer’s markets are an awesome way to eat local food and help support local farmers and their staff. It also gives you the chance to try new products grown close to home.

The Wolfville Farmer’s Market, located in the Annapolis Valley, still offers services during this most recent lockdown. They have changed some protocols, with the new restrictions, and all of that information can be found on their updated website. Other local food options, in the form of farmers markets, are the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market, the Halifax Brewery Farmer’s Market, and the Alderney Landing Farmer’s Market (which at the time of writing are currently exclusively operating online). All of these local food options give you the flexibility to pick up what it is you want safely. By taking a look at their respective websites, you can see all the products they offer. Doing this helps support local businesses by buying locally-grown food!

On top of looking for food and drink items through the methods mentioned above, there are also many great locally-owned stores to look at. These local stores offer free delivery and curbside pickup. In fact, our very own shops like Delectable Desserts – offering delivery and curbside pickup options for customers! Check out all of our local food & drink options—you’ll be sure to find something that satisfies that craving you might be having 😉

See? Getting essential items, such as groceries and food options, from small local businesses is still very much doable.

Local gifts from stores open near you

Some important dates are approaching on the calendar, and one of those is Mother’s Day! Local gifts from small local businesses always make for a unique way to show appreciation to that special person in your family. For Mother’s Day, providing gift baskets as your gift can be a unique way to buy local and support local businesses. This also makes for a heart-warming gift. We actually have many options from our providers for just this type of local Mother’s Day gift. Check out the full listing of local gift providers and see what might catch your eye for that special someone in your life.

The same can be said for Father’s Day coming up in June. There are dozens of options right here through our small and local business platform to give that perfect Father’s Day gift! Be sure to browse the selection of local stores!

Most recent COVID-19 updates

The recent Nova Scotia lockdown has certainly forced local businesses to shift how they operate.

We have been very busy staying in tune with these changes. We have also been communicating them to everyone the best that we can. Even over the past week, there have been numerous changes in respect to operating procedures for our provider stores. Curbside pickup, free local delivery, modified capacity, and take-out windows—these are some of the ways that local businesses have been altering their everyday operations to cope with the most recent lockdown due to public health restrictions. If you wanted a more detailed outline of changes, no sweat. To get informed on what all of our Stores’ new COVID-19 operating procedures are, you can subscribe here to keep up to date.

Locally, here in Halifax, we have experienced the most extreme and serious surge of the virus this past week. Since the start of the pandemic back in March 2020 we have not seen case numbers to this extent. From all of us here at our digital platform, please remember to stay safe and follow public health protocols! Together, we will get through these tough and uncertain times!

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