Things to do in Summer for under $100: Top 5

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I’m not sure about you, but this recent warm weather has made for pleasant times outdoors—both solo and with family and friends. But guess what? There are many other fun and exciting things to do, that are perfect for summertime. And, these activities or projects make spending time in the summer both enjoyable and productive. Better yet, you can do many of them with an initial investment of under $100!

Of course, you have many different options when it comes to summer activities. However, in this post, we will be focusing on the top 5 that you can source from local small businesses within a $100 budget.

Read and get inspired! Do some fun projects and discover fun new ways to spend time during these hot summer months. You never know—one of these could even be the start of a new favourite hobby!

So, without further ado, let’s explore our top 5 that you can start this summer (or next, and the one after that) with ease!

1) Starting a Home or Community Space Garden

In Nova Scotia, and particularly HRM, you can find many different spaces for community gardens. These spaces are great for so many reasons: fresh veg for you and the fam, donating to local food causes, and generating revenue that’s reinvested back into the community garden. If you or someone you know is interested in starting a community garden in HRM, you can look at the City of Halifax webpage to get all the information you need.Small Business Idea starting a garden. Gardener with trowel.

Yes, starting a home or community garden is doable for under $100! As with anything else, there are lots of options when it comes to what to purchase. That being said, you can start a small garden for as little as $30-$50, and a great Halifax local small business idea to help you do exactly that is Halifax Seed.

After the initial garden set-up, prepping your beds, etc., you’ll need to get seeds. But this can be relatively cheap. In some cases, getting the seeds from places like Cheerios is actually free! To learn more about how to get these free seeds, as well as the Cheerios Save the Bees initiative, click here.

Of course, we’ve already mentioned Halifax Seed as a great local small business idea for purchasing seeds in Nova Scotia. And, if you’re reading from elsewhere in Canada, here’s a great CBC article about 10 Canadian companies from across the country where you can also purchase seeds online. Happy sowing!

See? Starting a home or community garden is relatively easy and inexpensive. And maintaining your new garden is a great way to keep fit too. So many wins!

2) Beautify your Outdoor Living Space

Another cool project to take on this summer is deck resurfacing. Resurfacing a deck should ideally take place every two years, but tackling it every year doesn’t hurt. And the supplies you’ll need can fit well within a $100 budget. Not sure where to start? No problem. Here’s a helpful article from the Family Handyman with all the things you’ll need and steps to follow.

How about beautifying your outdoor living space this summer with some local art? Nova Scotia Digby Artist Lori Prentice-van Luven of East Coast Sirens can help you with that. She’s got a variety of bespoke handcrafted concrete art pieces from planters to bird feeders. And you can get her gorgeous resin coasters, wine butlers, and bowls for serving your guests on that beautifully resurfaced deck of yours. Or even your un-resurfaced deck. We won’t judge. Especially if you’re serving wine!

3) Summer Time Local Travel

Travelling during the summer months always makes for an exciting time. Better weather means easier driving so we can get to and explore more local outdoor attractions.

If you’re looking for Summer 2021 travel ideas in Nova Scotia, you’ve got lots of options. In Halifax, you can get a complete visitor’s guide by going online to Discover Halifax’s website. And, of course, you can browse and select your preferred visitor options while keeping in mind your $100 budget.

If you’re looking for some local outdoor travel experiences, all while getting in a workout and staying fit, you may want to explore NS Bike Rentals! There is FREE delivery in the Halifax area if you plan on renting for a week or more. There is also low-cost delivery throughout Nova Scotia. Check out their variety of top-notch bike rental options to find and book yours for your next outdoor adventure.

Thankfully, as science and technology have evolved, renewable energy sources are much more accessible than they used to be. There are even portable travel options! Alto Solar has a handy solar USB phone charger for when you’re out and about exploring. Yup, it’s under $100. And, if you want to incorporate more renewable energy solutions for your home, cottage, RV, or boat, then look no further. Browse their many solar options and reach out to get their expert advice on the solar solutions that would best suit your needs.

4) Summer Home Decor Fun

And… doable summertime project number 4—summer home decor!

Yes, that’s right. Small home decor updates are totally doable for under $100. And it makes a welcome change from working outside. You get a nice break from the heat while creating that breezy ‘summertime look’ you’re going for.Summer Small Business Home Decor items masks, wall art, statues, etc to update your summer home decor

Throw cushions, vases, statues, and wall art are great ways to level up your home decor game. You’ll find lots of options for sourcing your summer home decor updates from several of our Small & Local Providers Sankofa Afrikan Gifts, and Harbour City Whimsy have many beautiful pieces for under $100.

And do remember to check out the rest of our Home & Garden Providers for any other home-based projects you’re looking to get done—any time of the year.

5) Grow your Book Collection

Coming in at number 5 is book collections. Summer months are arguably the best time to get comfortable with a good read.

You can find many great books from local booksellers for good prices ranging from $5-$40. And, if you’re looking to geek out with expert book collection advice, check out this nifty article from One Kings Lane.

Some Halifax local small businesses to help grow your book collection are, Agricola Street Books, and Adjusting Your Lifestyle. All of these options will give you ample choice to find that unique book, or books, to enhance your collection with interesting new summer reads.

Start your summertime fun now!

Now you’re in-the-know on the top 5 things to do for summer for under $100. Whether you want to update your home decor, grow your book collection, or contribute to a local community garden near you, you’re now good to go!

As mentioned, there’s some give and take, especially with price points, with all of our five things to do in terms of budget. However, we hope this post has inspired you with some fun new summer things to do for under $100.

Now… over to you. Go enjoy the heat and tell us all about your summer fun projects and activities. Bonus points if they’re also within a $100 budget and sourced from small local businesses!

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