Top 5 Nova Scotia Travel Tips: March Break 2021

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The 2021 Nova Scotia travel season looks a little different this year. Observing tight Nova Scotia travel restrictions that thankfully loosened a little bit recently, let us turn our thoughts not just to making Dr. Strang proud (because he’s kind of like everyone’s dad), but to supporting local Halifax and Nova Scotia businesses as they grind through another pandemic winter.

Full disclosure: MY March Break will involve shepherding my teen daughter through the removal of her wisdom teeth. But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t have fun! Without me. No, go ahead. It’s okay. I’ll be fine.

Herewith, my top 5 Nova Scotia travel tips for March Break 2021:

Note: I am compelled since the pandemic restrictions, to define “travel” as any locomotion that involves leaving your home… and perhaps some that doesn’t. Strict definitions of travel are not welcome here.

1. Nova Scotia travel for March Break means supporting local Halifax museums and galleries.

Gus the Gopher Tortoise
Gus is 98 years old!

So far, so good. As of this writing, we can still don our masks and visit the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. Check in on Gus the 98-year-old gopher tortoise (even though he isn’t doing any indoor walks these days!) and revel in the new Wonderful exhibit opening March 13th. Stuck inside with a sniffle waiting for your COVID test results? These virtual field trips look pretty cool.

I’m quite keen to visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic‘s exhibit The Franklin Exploration, about the doomed expedition that disappeared in the Arctic 170 years ago. The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is open till 9 pm on Thursdays, for free! (Still have a sniffle? Check out the Gallery’s virtual tours or the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21’s Museum from Home program.)

Don’t forget to visit our Arts & Artisans page on our platform! You can visit, shop local, and maybe find a new crafting hobby of your own.

2. Make sure your Nova Scotia travel takes you outside. Your head will thank you.

Getting outside has been pretty important to me lately. A few of my faves: The Emera Oval on the Halifax Common is a great way to blow off the cobwebs and socialize safely. It usually closes around mid-March, so get on the Halifax Rec site and make sure you’re registered!

I love a good walk. (If you’re sick of walks, fair enough. You’re not the only one.) In my North End Halifax neighbourhood, Fort Needham Memorial Park beautifully commemorates the Halifax Explosion with interpretive art pieces and offers a super fun playground. Plus dogs. Nothing like watching dogs in an off-leash dog park to cheer you up! Got kids? And snow? While you’re down this way, check out The Pit—quite likely Halifax’s best sledding location, in a former quarry-turned-park near the end of Novalea Drive.

From a poem by George Elliott Clarke:North is freedom — Uptown, down-home: Each book a drum; Each life a poem. From Halifax North Memorial Library Monument
Monument at Halifax North Memorial Library on Gottingen Street

If you like a good city hike, try Walk Gottingen: An Immersive Storytelling Experience and learn about one of North End Halifax’s most historic and vibrant areas!

3. Try something different on your Nova Scotia travel staycation.

Do some good for yourself or someone else. I’ll plug our non-profit providers No Time for That (youth mental health and empowerment anyone?) and The Social Boutique (for a vintage/second-hand/bargain fanatic like me, doing good while looking good is doubly satisfying). But don’t stop there! If you’re reading this blog, you care about local people, local businesses, and the local community. Visit Volunteer Nova Scotia and find the perfect fit for you.

On a completely different but equally virtuous note: Clean out your closets! Your garage! Your basement! Our local provider Junkery has these really cool giant bags you can fill on your own time. Just give them a call for pickup when you’re ready and they do all the sorting for you.

4. Forget Nova Scotia travel restrictions—stay home and party!

Dance party! Baking party! Game night! At-home karaoke! Stitch n’ bitch! Gather your bubble and get back to the basics with some good, clean fun. Support local restaurants and order some delicious takeout. “Travel” to the restaurant and pick up your feast yourself, so more of that sweet cash stays in the owner’s pocket. Then “travel” from the kitchen to the living room to serve it up. Use your best dishes and crystal. Live it up!!

5. The too-much-togetherness prescription.

Sick of each other? If you’re reacting to item #4 with a mixture of severe ennui and mild horror, it might be time for a break from your bubble buddies, aka. The Family (whatever that means to you <3). Whether that calls for a little solo time because you haven’t been home alone in six months (I’m certainly not speaking from personal experience on this one… definitely did not subtly suggest that my husband might enjoy going back to his office a couple of days a week), or you need to change up your human combos (Kid-grandparent time, anyone? Or trade teens with a friend?). Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. The Nova Scotia Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association has some great resources to help you cope.

Mmmm…Miller’s Kettle Corn

Bonus! Saint Patrick’s Day!

As I write this post, I know that by the time it goes up, the COVID-19 protocols and Nova Scotia travel restrictions might change again. Whatever happens, though, you can always celebrate MY Irish heritage on Saint Patrick’s Day… since I’ll be here preparing ice packs, puréeing soups, and making popsicles for my girl.

Enjoy Miller’s Gourmet Kettle Corn’s Original Sweet & Salty Green Apple kettle corn as a Saint Patrick’s Day treat! Pop a few drops of green food colouring in your IPA. Dance a jig. But don’t kiss anyone… at least not this year!

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  1. Shelagh Rayworth says:

    Delightful reading and lots of creative ways to have fun on an “At Home” staycation with family and friends! Thanks for all the ideas.

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