Tribute to Small Business Owners: Hardworking. Resilient. Supportive.

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Ever look at all the small business owners at your local market, admiring their wares, and thought about how much work goes into them just being there?

We think about this a lot. About our hardworking small business clients. So much so that we put on a Local Market featuring some of our Nova Scotia providers.

Once again, our team were astounded at the resiliency, adaptability, hard work, and support exhibited by these amazing small business owners. Research shows this. And all these attributes were made abundantly clear at our very first in-person market.

Which is what prompted me to create this tribute to all the hardworking, resilient, small business owners out there. We see you. We appreciate you. And this post is a small token of our gratitude.

Hardworking Small Business Owners

Our first in-person market was made possible by Volta, who generously donated their beautiful co-working space in Downtown Halifax. Their team and I were on hand, happy to help transport our market vendors’ local products into and out of the space. We left feeling tired but happy from the event.

vLife Local Love Pop Up Market

Now, just think, how much MORE effort our vendors had to put in! Packing up all their wares into the car, plus bringing in (multiple trips), setting up, deconstructing, repacking for transport (multiple trips again), repacking the car, AND then rehoming their wares when they get back!

That’s every market. Every. Single. Time.

We don’t always see this part of it as buy-local shoppers. We arrive to markets, enjoy browsing and buying local products, chatting with vendors, and learning more about all the amazing local products in our own backyards. Then we go home feeling happy about supporting our local providers. As we should!

Since hosting our local market, going forward, I will also think about all the hard work that goes into vendors just showing up for me. For all of us. And feel immense gratitude and respect, in addition to my usual happy buy-local post-market glow.

On a related note, if you’re looking for more ways up your local market shopping game check out this article. It will help you engage and support a wider variety of local vendors and find even more cool local fare.

Small Business Owner Resilience

The Volta Event space is beautiful and made a great venue for our small business clients to showcase their wares. However, due to the venue being in the heart of downtown Halifax, parking and getting into the building with product proved to be an interesting challenge.

And it was a challenge that each of our vendors met with aplomb—showing their resilience and adaptability. Volta staff were on hand, as was I, to help navigate different building entrances and to help cart wares to and from the event space. Every single provider made multiple trips with us. Smiling and chatting along the way.

It was a quiet night in the end. Frigid temperatures made the usually busy Thursday night streets of Halifax nearly empty. So, for those of you who couldn’t make it, we’re linking to some of our market vendors here. You’re welcome 🙂

And THREE brand new providers who joined our service Market week—and whose vStores will be launching soon. Check them out!

All the hard work from these market vendors for a relatively quiet turnout of buy-local shoppers, leads me to the third amazing attribute exhibited by all our local market vendors…

Supportive Small Business Owners

Do you know what? Every single small business owner at our market was ready with smiles for each other, hosts, and market guests.

Not only that, they were happily chatting and purchasing from each other, telling us after: “I loved connecting with everyone here!”

Despite all the hard work and effort small business owners put into coming out on that cold winter night, they were genuinely enthusiastic about connecting with their fellow local providers. Making a point to exchange info, follow each other on social media, and exchange stories and tips.

The mutual support shown was both moving and heartening. This is the stuff small business owners are made of. They literally go out of their way to source from other small local businesses. Proportionally, contributing more than larger players in the local economy—just as you do when you prioritize buying local.

Despite the record-breaking sub-zero temperatures, some folks still braved the cold to come and support, walking away with quality Nova Scotia items and a smile on their faces. Some even with door prizes generously donated by…

You guessed it! Our small business clients! Check our our generous prize sponsors:

Not only were they supporting each other at the market, they generously donated door prizes to show their appreciation for our buy-local market guests. And our small business clients who couldn’t attend, still sponsored prizes for the same reason.

See? Supportive!

Hats off to small business owners

I can honestly say that our market vendors showed all the best of humanity that night. And I’m grateful and honoured to have witnessed it. So much respect from all of us here, at our small and local business platform, to all the hardworking, resilient, mutually supportive small business owners out there.

Much gratitude to Volta for making it all possible!

And to all of you passionate buy-local shoppers who continue to prioritize buying from small local providers, when you can.

I know we keep saying this. But it bears repeating because it’s true. With each purchase you make from small local businesses, you are supporting small business owners families, infusing the local economy with growth, and supporting your community as a result.

Small business owners and buy-local shoppers alike—together, you ARE making a difference. And for that, I we thank you!

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